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The Verband der Wirtschaft Thüringens (VWT) is the umbrella organization of Thuringian employer and trade associations. It represents the interests of the Confederation of German Employer Associations (BDA) and the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) on the regional level.

The proven model of Social Market Economy provides the prerequisites for entrepreneurial freedom, social responsibility, competition and social balance. It is on this basis that we look after the interests of our members, support economic efficiency and exercise our responsibility for the common good.

At present we represent 35 employer and trade associations in Thuringia; another seven of our members are individual companies. We also collaborate with other associations.

We are committed to supporting, bundling and voicing the concerns of our members in the field of economic policy. In addition, we see ourselves as an organ that thinks ahead, initiates things, frames long-range concepts and disseminates economic know-how.

We attend to the sociopolitical functions of economy by exerting influence on fields that directly or indirectly concern Thuringian state policies, such as

  • economic and environmental policy,
  • educational and science policy,
  • labour market and social policy,
  • legislative procedures.

We look after our members' interests vis-à-vis

  • the state government,
  • the political parties represented in the state parliament,
  • the trade unions and
  • other socially relevant groups.

Our internal activity – close co-operation with our member associations – ensures permanent contact with the entrepreneurial grassroots. Entrepreneurs of our member associations contribute valuable field work in a great many panels and institutions.

Our influence on political topics on the federal and European levels is channelled and ensured through BDA and BDI, our federal parent organizations.


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